Training for my Marathon Weekend Continues

Mid January I have the SoCal Spartan Beast on 1/17 and the next day the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland or what I am calling my “Marathon Weekend” as I am guessing that I will be running close to a full marathon that weekend. I’ve upped my training with trail runs, as I found an entrance to a park that is three miles away so I can add in trail running into my longer runs. Within the trails of the park, I can quite easily run a half marathon in, so there’s plenty of trails to explore. I’ve nicknamed this run the “Grandma’s House” run.IMG_4534
Closer to the house is a .45 mile hill loop that is pretty steep that connects to a bridge and stairs for getting a hill workout on my smaller runs. I’ve noticed that the stairs have gotten a little easier, but the uphill run is still brutal. I’m glad the hill is there to train with!

2014 Beat the Blerch

Carnation, WA – For my first ever official half marathon, I chose a “silly” one. Why is this half marathon “silly”? How about having couches, cake and a purple drink at each water station? Not “silly” enough, how about various Blerches reminding you that “you don’t have to do this!” and “Lets go sit on a couch and watch a movie instead!?” For the history on the Blerch, read here.

This race was an interesting race, not just because of the silliness, but it was a 99% trail run, not really what I was expecting. I started off really strong, running under 9 minutes a mile for the first couple of miles, but then the funkiness of the day started to set in.

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Fitness is a skill

Fitocracy has a great article that says ‘Fitness is a skill‘. Motivation is a tough beast, but once you get into the habit of making fitness a priority, you can master it. The article compares fitness to riding a bicycle and it’s fairly true. At first you really suck at it, but after practice, patience and time you can ride a bicycle. Fitness is no different. With practice, patience and time anyone can become fit.

2014 Warrior Dash

It's the Devil you know
It’s the Devil you know..

Welcome to my recap of the 2014 Warrior Dash in New Plains OR, Race with my Mom edition. This was my first Warrior Dash that we did not receive a timing chip to race with, which I new a few other racers had mentioned that they were sad that it wasn’t timed. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t timed. I was racing with my mom for her first Warrior Dash and I think her second “mud run”. Continue reading 2014 Warrior Dash

Recaps are coming and Shamrock Run

Recaps for the Warrior Dash and Beat the Blerch are coming! I will be traveling to Ohio for the Super Spartan (and completing my first Spartan trifecta!) this weekend so I will have plenty of time to write the drafts while I fly.

The 37th annual Shamrock run opened registration today and this year will have the first half marathon distance! Naturally I signed up for the half marathon distance. I must really enjoy the torture of running a half marathon now.

My Adventures in Obstacle Course Races and Training for them