Spartan Race: Workout Of The Day

The Spartan Race’s Workout Of the Day (or WOD) is a great resource for different routines to spice up your workouts. The WOD for today looks like a lot of fun:

Warm up:
Dynamic warm-up – 3 movements x2

Run 1/2 mile
30 crunches
Run 1/2 mile
15 hanging knee raises
Run 1/2 mile
1 minute plank
Run 1/2 mile
1 minute plank

Sprint level: x1
Super level: x2
Beast level: x3

Cool down:

You can sign up for the Spartan Races WOD’s here.

P90X3 Completed. Up Next…

Now that I’ve completed P90X3, which is a great workout, I wanted to go back to the original P90X, but with a twist. P90X and Focus T25 Hybrid. This schedule was created by John T, taking the best of both worlds. You can read about his reasoning behind the different workout choices in the link above. I really liked P90X3, but I wanted more time on the weights and since P90X is roughly twice as long as X3 per workout, I think this should fit the bill nicely.

Registered for two more races today

What’s the one thing you can count on from a race? A finish line? Bananas? Well, yes, but also flyers for other upcoming races! I found out about the Fire Dash and Zombie Fest. The Fire Dash is a unique obstacle course that is designed to simulate fire fighting situations that benefits the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Double bonus if you ask me.  Then the Zombie Fest, another race that you have to outrun zombies. The Races page has been updated!

The After Shamrock run

It’s been a few days after the shamrock 15k and my legs and feet got a few rest days in to heal. I jumped back into my half marathon training routine from RunKeeper and did a 4 mile run. Unfortunately, I used a pair of socks that were too low for my shoes (but they were bright orange and extra padded on the heel and toes!). Needless to say, I have marked my shoes as my own. Hah!

I need more time for the blisters and now the back of my ankles to heal before my next run. At least I have an elliptical machine to use.


RunKeeper and Pebble

RunKeeper is currently having a promo with Pebble to give $25 off of a Pebble Smartwatch to the first 500k people who log an exercise with RunKeeper.  Luckily, I got one of the invite when I ran the Shamrock 15k yesterday.

From March 11th to this year’s Boston Marathon on April 21st, Pebble will be rewarding the RunKeeper community with exclusive discounts ($25) off any of their awesome smart watches, plus free shipping. To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Track at least one GPS activity (running, walking, cycling…etc) with the RunKeeper iPhone or Android app. But act fast! Only the first 500,000 RunKeeper users who log that activity will get the discount!

Read more here:

If the promotion is over, get your pebble smart watch here.

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